Your Vision, Our Mission.

“We work as a team for you, so the patients that need to find you do and the patients you want to attract discover you. Ultimately as an ND, I believe if one of us does well, we all do well. So that is why my team and I are here to help you be successful.”
– Dr. Adam Graves ND, LAc


Our design team can build you a brand new customized website, or we can take your existing site and help revamp and update it. We work closely with you to discuss your branding, your ideal clientele, and the overall functionality that you need so that we can design a website that reflects your unique vision & business goals. Our designs are responsive and mobile-friendly, built on a flexible platform that is easily updated.

Here are a few samples of some of our recent work:


Paid traffic can offer a nice boost when needed, yet it only works when money is going into the ads. Well placed SEO will bring in organic traffic for years to come and builds upon itself. It’s the key we use to unlock your growing business and will work for your site even if we part ways in the future.

The art of SEO involves helping search engines categorize you in the right spot to reach your target audience. My philosophy is that SEO needs to be highly customized to meet the needs of an individual business based specifically on the direction they’d like to go.

Site structure, internal linking, long-tail keywords, and content clusters are some of the tools that we use to help the search engines categorize you correctly.


It may seem easy enough to write one or two blog pieces each month and send out a corresponding newsletter, but are you doing it?

When it comes down to finding the time and then knowing what and how to write about it, it may not seem as easy as you thought.
Our freelance writer begins by interviewing you about topics you select. While you bring information to the meeting, she also may ask a variety of questions as though she is learning about the topic for the first time ( and many times, she is! ). This makes for genuine, authentic writing that is aimed at making the lay-person in the general population feel connected with your business. No content is duplicated between clients and each blog and newsletter is customized to your specific business and goals.

Need topic ideas? She’s got plenty!


You may love your own personal social media, but when it comes to posting for your business, it’s crucial to know what is of interest and trending, when to post and to what platform for reaching both current and new clients.

Our social media specialist is fluent in online communities that may come across or seek out your business to keep you top-of-mind. Through social media, she creates and maintains your company’s brand, and/or rebrand for a business model and target audience. By identifying relevant and timely content delivered daily and weekly through various social media channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can stay connected on a more personal level with your clients.

Not sure what to post? She’ll research it for you.
Nervous of how to write it? She’s got that covered.
Worried you won’t be able to keep up with the amount that needs to be posted? Yep, she’s on it.