Meet Our Team


Because he is first and foremost a naturopathic doctor, you are probably curious why this highly regarded naturopath has a digital marketing company…

Well, if you have been operating as an ND and trying to market your practice you understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be. Sales people constantly calling with promises of ‘boosting your google ranking’, the annoying cheesy sales pitch. Not to mention how hard it is to explain our industry to people that have never even heard of what an ND is.

Adam gets it.

“I always knew to have a healthy successful ND practice I needed to figure out marketing, not only for me but for the profession overall. It took me multiple trial and errors, lots of lost money, business coaches, time, energy on wasted SEO, FB ads, and marketing materials, but I did it.

Now I want to help others – for both their individual businesses and for our industry as a whole.”

Over the years, Adam slowly developed a systematic approach and qualified team that felt authentic and was effective at reactivating old patients and bringing in new ones.

Working with his team, he streamlined his approach and has reaped the benefits. Due to his marketing success, he now wants to help other NDs – providing a holistic approach to marketing.

To learn more about Adam’s medical experience, click here to view his professional bio and feel free to ask him anything!


With an MBA in Marketing and a unique love of natural medicine due to her own health journey, Kira is a treasure for any naturopathic business. However, this website optimization guru has a particular specialty in Search Engine Optimization.

“I love to take on SEO because it’s challenging and something that is often overlooked or underestimated by busy entrepreneurs. My philosophy is that SEO needs to be highly customized to meet the needs of an individual business based specifically on the direction they’d like to go.”

The art of SEO involves helping the search engines categorize you in the right spot to reach your target audience and Kira specializes in doing just that. Site structure, internal linking, long-tail keywords, and content clusters are some of the tools that she uses to help search engines categorize you correctly. Because her foundation is in IMC  ( Integrated Marketing Communications ), she is a firm believer in making sure that all of your marketing efforts are tied together in order to produce the strongest results.

Even though she has worked for years in many aspects of strategic marketing, her focus now is solely organic traffic. While placing ads and paying for rankings may work temporarily for some people, Kira thrives on building organic traffic in a way that will continue to grow for years to come. She prides herself on her ability to go after the ideal client in an honest yet strategic way.


“Just write like you are having a conversation with someone,” her dad used to tell her when she found herself with writer’s block.

Little did he know the advice he used to give her when she was in grade school would lead to Kristy’s passionate career as a freelance writer. Her quick wit paired with her ability to turn a heavy topic into something light and intriguing has led her to work with clients around the globe. And she doesn’t take that lightly. 

“Writing to inform people is more than just facts and figures. To me, it’s about connecting on an emotional level, getting a reader to say, ‘wow, that is exactly how I am feeling or what I am experiencing,’ and then providing hope for them in discovering alternative options. I love making the world a better place through helping others become enlightened.” 

Kristy’s work can not only be seen online, but she is also the co-author of the book, “The Susan Southerland Secret: Personality Marketing to Today’s Bride,” a book that was written in her previous career as an event and wedding consultant and that can be found in brick and mortar stores. It is even used in university course work. Her extended marketing and writing experience includes wedding planning work with the Walt Disney World Resort and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.


Paid social media strategist and guru, Bethany is a certified Facebook buyer with a special expertise on results-based campaigns (ROI). Having personally managed, executed, and optimized over 300 campaigns for brands of all sizes from startup to fortune 500, Bethany knows what it takes to grow a business in terms of revenue using paid social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more!).

After working for traditional agencies and many large brands, Bethany wanted to take her expertise and help small to medium sized businesses use those same tactics and reap the benefit of rapid growth without incurring the cost of a fancy-schmancy ad agency. Think of her as an extension to your team!

Everything she does on paid social is always focused on growing revenue so you can reinvest those dollars back into your business and grow to the next level. Sure, likes and followers are great… but they simply don’t pay the bills. All of our social media campaigns are focused on generating you the highest ROI possible.


Helping someone connect to their audience with purpose is meaningful work. Meghan’s mission in business and in life is to help others use their voice in a way that matters.

Getting to the heart of her client’s work is what sets Meghan apart from other writers and content creators. She is adept at finding the intersection between purpose and passion and helping the client deliver an important message in a way that is beneficial for their business goals – but with their audience at heart.

Meghan started her career writing for clients on the Forbes 500 list. Noticing a lack of depth in the corporate world she shifted her focus and approached her work from a holistic perspective. It’s why writing and creating for the Naturopathic community is so important – it’s a way to honor the mind, body, and spirit of the work her clients are doing.

A life-long learner, and also an English teacher, Meghan lives by the mantra of her writing mentor, “If you don’t know the rule, change the sentence.” That advice continues to pay off as her work adapts to the ever-changing needs of her clients. As a freelance writer and social media specialist, Meghan is available to serve those she works with using honesty and integrity – connecting them with the people who need them.

Team Narola

When Adam approached the team at Narola Infotech, he was looking for a team that would lead their website design development strategies that held the same work ethics as the rest of the AMOR team. What he found in Sunil and Viral was just that.

“Adam has already put in a lot of effort to seed the company that can help other businesses flourish in marketing. He tried and tested many things to finally crack the code to ‘what it takes for successful marketing’ and we are honored to be a part of that strategy when it comes to websites.” says Sunil.

Sunil, the team leader, and Viral, the Business Development Manager at Narola carry out successful communication and streaming for all requirements of a website project. Whether it is designing a new site from scratch or having a “go-to person” for updates, changes, or issues, this team is ready to implement everything from effective programming to the latest features.

Their impressive response times are only rivaled by their strong rapport with the team – finishing projects from beginning to end with clarity, preciseness, and trust.