It may have started out as a way to stay connected to friends and family along with getting news tid bits at the click of a button, but it has grown into a thoroughly enjoyed specialty for Jamie. “Patients are often ‘lost’ in the sea of medical processes and referrals when it comes to small businesses, however with the help of social media, patients feel they are connected and know their provider on a more personal and relevant level. It is such a delight to be a part of that connection!” In addition to social media, health and wellness have been a lifelong journey of Jamie’s, in which she has overcome her own health issues through naturopathic therapies and lifestyle changes. By researching different topics on a consistent basis she loves learning more valuable information that she can incorporate into her own daily life – particularly for her two daughters that she appreciates are growing up healthy. In her spare time, Jamie is an avid cycler and hiker and can be seen enjoying a good cup of coffee (or glass of wine!)