Because he is first and foremost a naturopathic doctor, you are probably curious why this highly regarded naturopath has a digital marketing company… Well, if you have been operating as a ND and trying to market your practice you understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be. The constant sales people calling to ‘boost your google rankings’, the annoying, cheesy sales material, and not to mention how hard it is to explain what we do to people that have never even heard of what a ND is. Adam gets it. “I always knew to have a healthy successful ND practice I needed to figure out marketing, not only for me but for the profession overall. It took me multiple trial and errors, lots of lost money, business coaches, time, energy on wasted SEO, FB ads, and marketing materials, but I did it. Now I want to help others – for both their individual businesses and for our industry as a whole.” Over the years, Adam slowly developed a systematic approach and qualified team that felt authentic and was effective at reactivating old patients and bringing in new ones. Working with his team, he streamlined his approach and has seen the reaped the benefits. Due to his marketing success, he now wants to help other NDs – providing a holistic approach to marketing. To learn more about Adam’s medical experience, click here to view his professional bio and feel free to ask him anything!